長岡望悠選手 怪我による帰国のお知らせ


この度、イタリアセリエA所属チームのIMOCO Conegliano へ移籍した長岡望悠選手についてお知らせがあります。

12月2日 対Club Italia Crai戦の試合中に、左膝に怪我をしました。帰国して正確な検査と治療に専念します。詳しい診断結果については分かり次第、皆様にご報告いたしますので、ご理解のほどよろしくお願いいたします。



IMOCO Conegliano へ移籍し、1ヶ月と少し経ちました。その期間は、そのなん倍にも感じるほど濃いものでした。私はきっとこのチームとメンバーを一生忘れません。それほど温かく迎えてくれたファミリーです。出会いも経験も過ごした時間も全てが宝物です。

Miyu Nagaoka returns home to Japan due to injury

Thank you for your continued support for Hisamitsu Springs.

We have an announcement regarding Miyu Nagaoka, who has been transferred to IMOCO Conegliano – Italian Serie A team.

While playing in a recent match against Club Italia Crai on December 2, Nagaoka injured her left knee. She will return to Japan for closer examination and further treatment.
We will provide more details in due course. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Following is Nagoka’s comments:

I sincerely thank you for all your heart-felt support.
I am truly disappointed to bring you this unfortunate news.

Given the injury on my left knee while playing in a recent match, I have decided to return to Japan in middle of the season.
I am planning to undergo further examination and treatment upon my return.
It has been barely one month since joining IMOCO Conegliano; however, the past month was so enriching that it felt much longer than that.
I will always remember this team and fellow teammates. They are my family who warmly welcomed me with open arms.
I will treasure all the encounters and experiences and my time spent here.
My top priority is to focus on my treatment at this point.

I appreciate your warm and kind support as always.
Thank you.